Rejuvenated Body, Pure Health Guided Meditation


Our body is our secret vessel! When in optimal conditions, we can become and accomplish anything in our material and spiritual life. Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation connects us with our secret vessel through deep senses of gratitude and love. It flourishes our body with the Divine energies and Divine Light. It connects our body with the Source of Live that we can become our best self.


Sample of Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation

To hear a sample of Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation, please click play on the audio player below.

The main objective of Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation is to deeply connect us with our body, our secret vessel. And to show our sincere appreciation and love to our body which serves us without stopping, in every moment.

Throughout this meditation, you flood your body with deep love and with the beautiful light of the Divine. Revitalizing of your body takes place on its as you listed the gentle music and guided meditation. The main benefits of Rejuvenated Body Guided Mediation are as follows:

  • Rejuvenate your body, your secret vessel
  • Energize your body and feel great
  • Improve your overall health conditions
  • Feel lighter and more agile
  • Connect with your body through deep thankfulness and love
  • Gain new strength to overcome life challenges
  • Calm your thoughts, emotions and feelings
  • Calm the pressures from various life challenges
  • Feel great, at peace and in love with life

Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation consists of three parts as follows:

  • Calming everyday life noise
    This meditation starts with a slow and gentle breathing exercise that calms down our everyday thoughts and emotions.
  • Rejuvenated Body
    The second part of this meditation intimately connects you with your body, head, heart, lungs and other. Your body is flourished with Divine energies and Light from the Source of Life.
  • Here & Now
    The third part of this mediation brings you back into the here & now. Life-enriching energies are now with you, supporting your life in new and empowering ways.

Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation album comes with three files:

  • Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation short instructions pdf file
  • Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation MP3 file
  • Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation music only MP3 file
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