My Ancestor, My Strength & Prosperity Guided Meditation


My Ancestors Guided Mediation is one of the most essential and important mediations of all. The lives of our ancestors have a truly significant impact on us. What they lived and had done, in many ways directly and at times dramatically, impacts how we (will) live our lives today.

When we have fully integrated relationships with our ancestors, consciously and subconsciously, we can achieve everything in our life. And we can successfully resolve any challenge we face in our life. This meditation is dedicated to that, making relationships with your ancestors harmonious & loving. Full of respect and appreciation so that your life can flourish, here and now!


Sample of My Ancestors Guided Meditation

To hear a sample of My Ancestors Guided Meditation, please click play on the audio player below.

Our ancestors passed life to us through our parents. Who we have become, how we live our lives today and what we may experience in the future, are greatly determined by them, our ancestors. How they lived their lives, what they experienced and how they behaved, greatly determines what we may experience in our life.

The main objective of My Ancestors Guided Meditation is to help us find a proper energy position with our ancestors. This is such a crucial and immensely important thing for our well-being and prosperous life. A proper energy position with our ancestors allows love, support and wellbeing to flow freely and richly in our life. The main benefits of My Ancestors Guided Mediation are as follows:

  • Find a proper and life-enabling position with your ancestors
  • Resolve life sabotages and blockages related to your ancestors
  • Greatly improve the relationship with your parents
    (regardless of whether they are alive or not)
  • Initiate positive resolution of life challenges related to your ancestors
  • Free yourself from inner pressures related to your ancestors
  • Open new possibilities to live a truly fulfilled life
  • Open space for new opportunities to present in your life
  • Gain new strength and confidence
  • Feel great and in love with life

My Ancestors Guided Meditation consists of three parts as follows:

  • Calming everyday life noise
    This meditation starts with a slow and gentle breathing exercise that calms down your everyday thoughts and emotions.
  • My Ancestors
    The second part of this meditation connects you with your mother, father and your ancestors in the most respectful and loving way. This opens the flow of new positive energies and new possibilities in your life.
  • Here & Now
    The third part of this mediation brings you back into the here & now. Life-enriching energies are now with you, supporting your life in new and empowering ways.

My Ancestors Guided Meditation album comes with three files:

  • My Ancestors Guided Meditation short instructions pdf file
  • My Ancestors Guided Meditation MP3 file
  • My Ancestors Guided Meditation music only MP3 file
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