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Thank you for visiting A True Life online store. On this website you will be able to find Guided Meditations which are an integral part of the Divine Guidance book (https://atruelife.net). These mediations are designed to awaken and initiate the flow of life opening, transforming and supporting energies. We hope that you will love what we have prepared for you.

Transform & Purify Your Life! 

Inner Divine Peace, The Mightiness of Life Guided Meditation

Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation awakens the mightiest energy of our being. That is the energy of Inner Divine Peace. When we are in the state of our Inner Divine Peace everything in our life finds its proper place. Our Inner Divine Peace aligns and arranges any life situation and resolves challenges to support our life. It does it in its own quiet yet mighty way. Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation gently takes you into the most beautiful depths of your very own being. This is the biggest gift we can give ourselves, Inner Divine Peace.

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Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation Excerpt

Deep Calm

Inner Divine Peace guided mediation helped me calm down my life pressures and stress. More so, it helped me establish deep calm within me. It feels as this calmness is melting a few of my life challenges that have been present for quite some time.  Love this meditation! Many thanks!

Sasha M., Toronto Canada 

Rejuvenated Body, Pure Health Guided Meditation

Our body is our secret vessel! When in optimal conditions, we can become and accomplish anything in our material and spiritual life. Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation connects us with our secret vessel through deep senses of gratitude and love. It flourishes our body with the Divine energies and Divine Light. It connects our body with the Source of Live that we can become our best self.

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Rejuvenated Body Guided Meditation Excerpt

My Parents, My Support & Life Guided Meditation

My Parents Guided Mediation is one of the most essential and important mediations of all. When we have fully integrated relationship with our parents, consciously and subconsciously, we can achieve anything in our life. This meditation is dedicated to that, making relationship with our parents harmonious & loving. Full of respect and appreciation so that our life can flourish, here and now!

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My Parents Guided Meditation Excerpt

My Ancestor, My Strength & Prosperity Guided Meditation

My Ancestors Guided Mediation is one of the most essential and important mediations of all. The lives of our ancestors have a truly significant impact on us. What they lived and had done, in many ways directly and at times dramatically, impacts how we (will) live our lives today.

When we have fully integrated relationships with our ancestors, consciously and subconsciously, we can achieve everything in our life. And we can successfully resolve any challenge we face in our life. This meditation is dedicated to that, making relationships with your ancestors harmonious & loving. Full of respect and appreciation so that your life can flourish, here and now!

$ 13.69

My Ancestors Guided Meditation Excerpt

Connected With My Mother

As I started practicing My Parents & My Ancestors guided meditations things in my life started to change to positive. Conversations with my mother became gentle and full of understanding, old triggers faded away.  I am so happy about this change after so many years of struggle. I am deeply grateful.

Tamara T., Calgary, Canada  

Awakened Planet, Heavens on Earth Guided Meditation

Awakened Planet Guided Meditation brings beautiful revitalizing life energies into your own being. As you dive into your Inner Divine Peace, in the second part of this guided mediation, a vision of Awakened Planet is brought forward. A vision that invokes the flow of a new life in you with the help of the Divine Light. Give yourself one of the biggest gifts of all, a gift of vibrant Divine energy!  Support your life’s transformation into a truly fulfilled living.

$ 13.69

Awakened Planet Guided Meditation Excerpt

A New Life

I have been listening to Awakened Planet guided meditation for about one month. The changes that I am feeling are great! I have so much more energy, I have found a new drive to do things, and I am excited with every single new day. People around me noticed this positive change too! I got a new life! Many thanks!

Ivan P., Los Angeles, United States   

All Guided Meditations: Inner Divine Peace, Awakened Planet, My Ancestors, My Parents & Rejuvenated Body

A True Life Guided Meditations are designed to initiate the transformation of your life to a truly fulfilled and purposeful life. From reenergizing of your body, your secret vessel, to the awakening of Inner Divine Peace in your being, to integrating energies of your Parents and Ancestors, to manifesting your Awakened Life on an Awakened Planet, all are part of this mediations package. Give yourself the biggest gift of all, A True Life transformation.

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