Inner Divine Peace, The Mightiness of Life Guided Meditation


Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation awakens the mightiest energy of our being. That is the energy of Inner Divine Peace. When we are in the state of our Inner Divine Peace everything in our life finds its proper place. Our Inner Divine Peace aligns and arranges any life situation and resolves challenges to support our life. It does it in its own quiet yet mighty way. Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation gently takes you into the most beautiful depths of your very own being. This is the biggest gift we can give ourselves, Inner Divine Peace.


Sample of Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation

To hear a sample of Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation, please click play on the audio player below.

Give yourself the biggest gift of all, Inner Divine Peace! The main objective of Inner Divine Peace meditation is to take you into your very own natural state of peace. Being in the state of Inner Divine Peace brings you many benefits:

  • Open space for new opportunities to appear in your life
  • Find a new purpose to achieve greater results
  • Find new strength to overcome any challenge
  • Expand and strengthen the mightiest state of your being, Inner Divine Peace
  • Allow life challenges to untangle and resolve on their own
  • Give yourself space and time to live a truly fulfilled life
  • Calm your thoughts, emotions and feelings
  • Calm the pressures from various life challenges
  • Feel great, at peace and in love with life

Inner Diviner Peace meditation consists of three parts as follows:

  • Calming everyday life noise
    This meditation starts with a slow and gentle breathing exercise that calms down our everyday thoughts and emotions.
  • Connecting with your body
    The second part of this meditation connects you with your body. Your body is your secret vessel. Magic words ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You’ rejuvenate your body to pure health.
  • Inner Divine Peace
    As you calm down from everyday activities, as you connect with your body, you are ready to expand your being into your very own native state of Inner Divine Peace. The third part of the mediation reawakens the energy of Inner Divine Peace deep within you. One of the most beautiful states of your being.

Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation album comes with three files:

  • Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation short instructions pdf file
  • Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation MP3 file
  • Inner Divine Peace meditation music only MP3 file
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